PP-57D: Compact Digital Microwave Transmitter


The 57D is a compact and light-weight one-piece microwave transmitter. The design construction permits a variety of applications including mobile or limited space locations. It can input a HD-SDI or SD-SDI signal with a built-in codec.
Despite of the compactness, it outputs 200mW power (7GHz Band) and enables a practical distance transmission.

  • A MPEG-2 or JPEG2000 or H.264 Encoder is available as built-in codec.
  • 2 transmitter models is available.
  • Input signal available with HD-SDI / DVB-ASI (TS).
  • Mounting the PP-57D on ENG camera realizes a wireless camera system.
  • About 3,000m transmission in OFDM, at 24Mbps bit rate.