HC-HD300: Affordable 3-CMOS HDTV Camera System

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XT17sX4.5BRM(FUJINON) 1/3-inch Zoom Lens
XT20sX4.7BRM(FUJINON) 1/3-inch Zoom Lens
HTs18x4.2BRM(FUJINON) 1/3-inch Zoom Lens
HTs18x4.2BERM(FUJINON) 1/3-inch Zoom Lens
KT17eX4.3BIRSE(CANON) 1/3-inch Zoom Lens with 2X extender
KT20X5B KRSD A(CANON) 1/3-inch Zoom Lens
ACM-17(FUJINON) 2/3-inch Bayonet Mount Adaptor
ACM-12(FUJINON) 1/2-inch Bayonet Mount Adaptor
AS-1 (NIPROS) Zoom Servo Control (Required FC-12P converter cable for 12pin connector lens)
FR-15 (NIPROS) Manual Focus Control (For both Fujinon and Canon lens)
XA22x7BES (FUJINON) 2/3-inch 22x Box type Studio Lens
FA-55 Fiber Camera Adaptor
FA-300 Fiber Camera Adaptor
BSF-55 Fiber Base Station
DTA-55 Digital Triax Camera Adaptor
BST-55 Triax Base Station
BSF-300 Fiber Base Station
PSU-300 Camera Power Extention
VFL-200HD 2-inch LCD Viewfinder
VFL-P700 7-inch LCD Studio Viewfinder (Not available in US)
CA-75HD Camera Adaptor
OCP-100 Operation Control Panel
NKO2S-S1-AI-0-10 (10m/32.8ft)
NKO2S-S1-AI-0-30 (30m/98.4ft)
NKO2S-S1-AI-0-50 (50m/164ft)
NKO2S-S1-AI-0-100 (100m/328ft)
NKO2S-S1-AI-0-200 (200m/656ft)
SMPTE Hybrid OpticalCON 
DUO Fiber cable
DUO Coupler Adaptor
T-791A Tripod Mounting Plate
VF700W 7 inch Viewfinder/Field Monitor (Available only in US)