Press Release Detail


October 26, 2017

Medreich decided to deploy TIE-9500 visual color tablet inspection equipment

Messrs, Medreich Limited, herein after mentioned as “Medreich”, decided to deploy Ikegami TIE-9500 visual color tablet inspection equipment in their factory Unit VII located in Bangalore and installation was done recently this year.

Excecutive Vice President Mr. Kedareshwar said “We have decided on Ikegami because of their highly advanced technology to detect and reject tablets with extremely minute defects at very high speed. Performance and the processing capacity is the highest in the industry. In addition, we highly appreciate their sales record and long relationship with customers in Japan market. We believe in their very good support extended to the Japanese customers and their plan to extend similar service in India. TIE-9500 should contribute significantly for providing high quality products and expanding our global business operations”.

Medreich Limited.
Medreich is a fully integrated pharmaceutical company with an established presence across the globe. The company is involved in the CMO & CDMO business of pharmaceutical preparations in various dosage forms catering to diverse Therapeutic categories. In the year 2015, Medreich became part of Meiji Group Companies, a leading Japanese conglomerate and having business interests across the globe in Pharmaceuticals, food and nutrition products.